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My job as an animal behavior consultant is different from conventional horse or dog trainers, who are primarily concerned with training or learning lessons individually to problems in handling to deal with the animal. I support the owners to react correctly in challenging situations and to give them a forward-looking and Nonviolent Communication to allow with their four-legged friend.

Behavioral disorders and behavioral problems can be varied and have numerous causes, which must be determined very carefully and as completely as possible in each individual case.

Striking aggressiveness or anxiety can occur in addition to traumatizing incidents

also occur due to pain, which should be medically clarified. If the situation requires it, I work

therefore together with a vet I trust.

Behavioral advice for dogs and horses


Support for the dog :
  • aggressiveness 

  • anxiety

  • traumatic incidents

  • difficulty driving

  • difficulties with peers

  • difficulties with people

  • resource issues

  • multi-dog husbandry

  • problems being at home alone

support athorse :
  • inter-aggressiveness 

  • fears & phobias

  • proper handling of stressful situations

  • traumatic incidents

  • Climb

  • Trailer problems 

  • Rideability problems 

  • Various behavioral disorders such as:

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