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Isabel Fiala Happy Back, Ätherische Öle, Immunsystem stärken, Energetiker Wien
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happy back

essential oils application

The "Happy Back" application was developed by Gary Young and has a positive effect on our body with the 9 essential oils.

The energetic strokes are very gentle and can be used for bothadult, as well as at Children and pregnant womenapplied. 


Through the combination of Young Living's pure natural oils, stroking, and hot stonesThis application relieves tension and can strengthen the immune system, the body's defenses and self-healing powers support.

Relax, let go and recharge your batteries with pure essences of nature.

I only use Young Living pure essential oils such as oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, wintergreen, marjoram, peppermint, and Aroma Siez and Valor essential oil blends.


"Happy Back" for home use

In the seminar you will get to know the following content:

  • Overview of the 9 essential oils

  • Types of application (adults, children, animals)

  • Introduction to the technique

  • Vita Flex points

  • Intensive practical training

Costs:9h, 145 € incl. drinks, snack, lunch, all documents

Max. number of participants:6 persons 

Course location:3053 Klausen-Leopoldsdorf

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