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Laser beams are electromagnetic waves, not ordinary light beams.

The direct irradiation initiates biochemical processes and thus themetabolism of cellsaffected, whereby diseases are warded off, pain is relieved and  healing processes are accelerated. 

  • arthrosis

  • Skin diseases / hot spots

  • Wounds & Scars

  • back pain

  • bedsores/pressure sores

  • tendon damage

  • Hoof diseases in horses

  • support of the psyche

  • Headache migraine

  • dermatology

  • scar

  • Tennis & Golf Elbow

  • and much more

The laser light works:


Die extrazelluläre Matrix ist das Bindegewebe, das zwischen den Zellen im sogenannten Interzellularraum liegt  und spielt eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Unterstützung und Organisation von Zellen.


Die ECM hat mehrere wichtige Funktionen im Körper:

Atacute or chronic illnessesseveral units are necessary, since the blockage is deeper and has usually existed for a long time. For an optimal and long-lasting result, I therefore recommend several sessions in this case.

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