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Spinal regulation 
& Craniosacral Balance

The combination of cranio-sacral balancing and spinal harmonization looks like an unspectacular method to the outside, but on the contrary it is intensive work on the horse's muscles to release blockages in the whole body.
In this application, the vertebrae are checked for their correct position and malpositions are balanced using a special, gentle method - this is not a chiropractic method, but a purely energetic one!


For example, it supports:

All functions in the body are controlled from the spine. Each vertebra is connected to specific organs via the nervous system.

With the help of the muscle test from kinesiology, the body is queried for blockages and the energetic state of the organs, vertebrae and muscles are checked and then purely energetically regulated.

  • musculoskeletal restrictions

  • chronic pain

  • increased well-being 


for use on your own horse

In the workshop you will get to know the following content:

  • Anatomy of dogs and horses with a focus on the spine

  • Balancing the energy balance with kinesiological exercises

  • Process of gentle spinal regulation in animals

  • Cranio Sacral Balance process

  • Basics of the bladder meridian (main meridian)

  • Integrative bodywork exercises
    for & with horses


Costs:255 € incl. drinks, brunch, lunch, all documents

Seminar location:3053 Klausen-Leopoldsdorf

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