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Bach flowers

In this application, the flowers are individually tailored to you.
​It is a simple and natural method that helps humans and animals to maintain and promote inner balance and harmony.


The Bach flower treatment was developed by Dr. Edward Bach launched from England. For many years he was looking for a natural method that could primarily influence our mental development and thus also heal it. He found 38 flowers.

The healing method of the Bach flowers is not based on symptoms such as a sore throat, stomach ache or ear infection, but on the mood of the mental situation in which the customer is at the moment, such as fear, insecurity, discouragement, hypersensitivity,...
The Bach flower emergency remedies are recommended for: shock, panic, test anxiety, nausea, excitement or injuries of all kinds.


With the completed information sheet, you can have your Bach flower mix prepared in any pharmacy.



Bach flowers for home use

In the seminar you will get to know the following content:

  • All 38 flowers are presented and discussed

  • Using the Rescue products

  • Testing the right buds by dowsing, using a questionnaire and using muscle testing.

  • How to use the drops, globules, cream,…

  • Application of the Bach flowers in certain clinical pictures


Costs: 135 € incl. drinks, brunch, lunch, all documents

Max. number of participants:10 people

Seminar location:3053 Klausen-Leopoldsdorf

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