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For as long as I can remember...

alternative healing methods and animals are the focus of my life. 
Dogs have always been part of our family. I started vaulting at the age of 5 and it was here that I discovered my great passion for horses. After more than 7 years of professional work in the back office as a travel manager, accounting assistant and graphic designer, I started mein  in 2017
Studying animal psychology, which I was able to complete in 2021 with excellent results. I have been continuing my education in the field of energetics for over 6 years and have been self-employed since 2019.

Mein Wegbegleiter..

For me, animals are...

named Merlin. Shortly after my 15th birthday, on August 6th, 2008, this unique pony entered my life and changed it abruptly. Merlin was shaped by his past histories and brought with him some uncomfortable behavior patterns. That's how I got interested in animal psychology for the first time and was able to turn my wild pony into a real dependable horse.

10 years later he put me to another test and left numerous doctors in the Vienna area at a loss because of his lameness. This is how the energetic healing methods became the focus of my life and Merlin became a healthy and happy pensioner.

very special companions whose main task, in my opinion, is to help us humans to find our balance again and to support us emotionally. 

I am very happy to be able to meet many people and animals through my energetic applications and I am  grateful that I have found my  life's work in this wonderful work.

Ausbildungen & Fortbildungen

~  Tierpsychologie Studium mit der Spezialisierung auf Hund & Pferd (ATN)

~  Ausbildung zur Laserschutz-Beauftragten

~  Cranio Sacrale Balance und sanfte Wirbelsäulenregulierung für Mensch & Tier

~  Raindrop Technik mit ätherischen Ölen

~  Bachblüten Anwendung

~  Tierkommunikation

~  TRT Method

~  div. Praktika bei Tierärzten & Tier Physiotherapeuten

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